World Cavity-Free Future Day is in October: Will It Achieve Anything?

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World Cavity Free Future Day Is In October Will It Achieve Anything Epping, Wollert, South Morang, Melbourne Northern Dental Design
World Days. There are plenty of them. Not only do we have World Days, we have International Weeks. We also have recognised Years, even aside from the Chinese zodiac ones.

This year is the Year of the Water Tiger, if you’re interested. And you might be if you’re open to what it signifies. It’s an event that happens once every sixty years.

According to lecturer of Chinese at Deakin University, Fengqi Qian, with China the home of many species of tiger, they hold a special place in Chinese culture. While there are generally accepted principles around the symbolism of the Water Tiger, Delia Lin, of Melbourne University’s Department of Chinese Studies, says there are also many characteristics under debate.

It’s all to do with interpretation. Different characteristics involving tradition and personal beliefs are attached; which makes it not so removed from most things in life.

The consensus is certainly its significance as the king of all animals in Chinese mythology and culture. It’s known to be an animal that expels all evil; it symbolises power, courage, confidence, leadership and strength.

Astrologically and energetically, it represents those same aspects.

Its associations are with good luck, vitality, strength, bravery, good health and wellbeing. The flipside is the fear; and the destruction so easily also asserted by the tiger.

Maybe that’s what’s needed for World Cavity-Free Future Day. A respectful fear of the largely unnecessary neglect that leads to the eventual destruction of teeth, ergo good oral health, and therefore overall quality of life, may be the scare campaign we need.

World Cavity Free Future Day Is In October Will It Achieve Anything Epping, Wollert, South Morang, Melbourne Northern Dental Design
Because it’s pretty scary that almost half the world population is affected by dental caries and cavities makes it the most prevalent of all health conditions. That middle-income countries are most affected – defined as those with a per capita GNI between $US1,036 and $US4,045 (the likes of China, Russia, India, Brazil) – because refined sugar consumption is high is just stupid. Deal with the capitalist attitude that pumps sugars into foods – don’t keep drilling the hapless end-user and expecting a different result.

Are there any World Days that have achieved much? You’d hope so because there are about 285 of ‘em. Because too much choice is never enough – and do we have International Stop Overwhelming Me Week yet? Or does it stand trembling under the umbrella of International Asteroid Day (30 June) on this calendar of white noise?

World Peace Day, (21 September) established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, was unanimously voted in 2001 as a designated 24-hour-period of non-violence and cease-fire. It is the one day that all weapons around the world should fall silent.

But do they?

And if it does actually achieve such obedient silence, why is World Peace only one day? Why not every day? And how much weight can World Cavity-Free Future Day have, when the US has National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (7 June) and the world has International Tiara Day? (24 May, for those with a jeweller’s cloth.)

Ask a smoker when World No Tobacco Day is. If they answer 31 May, they win the cigar.

Could the phrasing have been better? ‘World Cavity-Free Day’ definitely has more punch; and more teeth, were that to really happen, if they’re all cavity-free, held strong by healthy gums. Is the word ‘future’ necessary or detracting? Is it really the place in which people place much confidence or faith?

Were one to consider the concept of future, to French philosopher, political activist and mystic Simone Weil (1909-1943) “The future is made of the same stuff as the present.”

Oiu, oiu. As deep, as truthful and as memorable as the realisation that comes with a first spoon of Epoisse; a demarcated cheese made in the village of Époisses that changes the way you see the world. (Or at least cheese.)

It makes complete sense to decide that the future and present are made of the same stuff. Therefore the past too, one could conclude. Particularly because you’re in all of them. It’s easy to imagine a future you’re not it because that’s just fantasy.

Essentially, for the present to be the future stuff of same, gives the perception that, “The choices we make today create the future that we are dreaming of” has cool place to hang. A quote attributed it seems, to both Kapil Teterwal (an influencer?) and Clare Josa (author and keynote speaker) to remember how hilariously playful existence can be, Clare Josa runs an Imposter Syndrome Masterclass.

If, regardless of interpretation or any overlay of culture and personal belief, that idea loses credibility because of a lack of definitive ownership, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed,” was definitely written in The Economist by William Gibson almost two decades ago.

That, we know to be true; its span simply Elon/Gates …

What does World Cavity-Free Future Day entail, exactly? WCFF Day, 14 October, created and run by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF ) is a global oral health initiative with 2022’s theme, “Be proud of your mouth.” This year its focus on ending tooth decay asks people all over the planet to choose water over sugary drinks for a day. (And well beyond if you know what’s good for you.) Absurd, really. That Coca-Cola alone is responsible for 2 billion serves of sugary beverage over 200 countries every day is more than absurd. It’s obscene.

It’s rather fitting that WCFF Day is about water in this Year of the Water Tiger. If it wasn’t intentional it should have been.

Whether it’s about worldwide caries and cavities or life itself, 2022 a time of challenge and change. So get your teeth into that. Achieve things. Things that make you happy; things you want off your back. Things that truly put a smile on your face; that smile that you take care of, regularly, with your dentist. That smile that boasts good oral health and a sense of wellbeing that inspires others to brush regularly, eradicate unhealthy foods from their diet, and get friendly with their dentist.

Maybe that’s how World Cavity-Free Future Day achieves anything at all.


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