Metal Braces: Iron Age Technology Still Has a Shiny Future

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Metal Braces Iron Age Technology Still Has A Shiny Future Epping Wollert South Morang Melbourne Northern Dental Design

These days, there are various forms of braces, from traditional metal to wire braces. No matter your preference, each of these is an effective way to straighten the teeth.

A traditional brace is a combination of wires and brackets attached to the front teeth. Its bracket grips into your teeth, and at the same time, the wires are tightened or loosened. With these components, it ensures that your teeth or jaw will get into its proper position. When it comes to materials, it is usually made of stainless steel or metal. The brackets are made of different materials such as metal, ceramic, and plastic. It can also be a combination of different materials.

Knowing that metal braces have dramatically improved over the years may already have you thinking differently about them. And they are still one of the most common orthodontic appliances used today.

Metal Braces Are Strong and Durable

Metal braces certainly aren’t indestructible, but as far as orthodontic treatment options go they are about as strong and durable as you are going to get.

In contrast, while improvement in the quality of materials used in ceramic braces has made them stronger over the years, they still remain more fragile than their stainless steel counterparts. As such, repair or replacement will be more likely with ceramic than with metal. Also keep in mind that clear braces usually the ligaments or bonding material or aligners will be prone to staining, whereas you obviously won’t have that problem with metal braces.

Metal Braces Treat All Types of Issues

Whether you have minor crowding or are facing more complex issues requiring significant tooth movement, traditional braces can do it all and often faster more affordably than other orthodontic treatments. An example for comparisons:

Six Month Smiles are a popular choice due to the less noticeable clear braces used and speedy treatment time. Although these braces may be more aesthetically pleasing than their metal counterparts, they only address the cosmetic appearance of the teeth and won’t help with other problems like bite correction.

Invisalign while clear aligners will correct certain bite issues, straighten teeth, and close gaps to a degree, they are best for treating mild to moderate cases. If you have significant gaps, deep bite issues, or teeth that are severely tipped or rotated, then traditional braces are going to be more effective in resolving your concerns.

Metal Braces Cost Less Than Other Options

Though factors such as insurance coverage, location, and complexity of treatment play a large role in determining the actual out-of-pocket expense for each person’s orthodontic treatment, traditional metal braces will tend to cost less than ceramic braces or clear aligners simply because the materials themselves are less expensive to manufacture and maintain.

We should also point out that some insurance companies will offer less coverage or none at all for clear braces or aligners compared to metal braces. If you’re planning on using insurance to pay for your orthodontic treatment, it’s important to find out right from the beginning what your provider will and won’t cover.

We’re certainly not here to convince you that traditional metal braces are the very best treatment option available, because the truth is, no one treatment option is better than another in every situation. Ultimately, your orthodontist will recommend the best treatment option for you based on your individual treatment needs, budget, and lifestyle. And if that happens to be metal braces and you’re still not in love with the idea, remember that the temporary inconvenience of wearing braces can lead to a healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

Metal Braces Iron Age Technology Still Has A Shiny Future Epping Wollert South Morang Melbourne Northern Dental Design 1

Does This Traditional Dental Technology Have a Future?

The fact is that more people are getting braces on their teeth than ever before. The demand is growing and metal braces are the less expensive option for teeth straightening. People like to say that getting braces to straighten their teeth is not about vanity. They say this as if vanity is some sort of sin. Of course, people want to look their best and the role models on TV all have very straight white teeth. In addition, straight teeth function better providing a more satisfying bite with which to eat.

Metal Brace Dental Technology Straightening Teeth

Crowded teeth look unappealing and they cause problems with the proper functioning of your mouth, teeth, and jaw. More adults are getting braces on their teeth than previously occurred. One in five orthodontic patients are adults according to research carried out by the Adelaide Dental School, and the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health at Adelaide University. The global orthodontics market is estimated to be worth more than US$6 billion by 2023. The trend toward straight white smiles is a lucrative one indeed.

The Future of Metal Braces Is Enduring

Straightening teeth with wire goes back hundreds of years, to 1819 by French dental pioneer Christophe-Francoise Delabarre. Of course, there have been many design improvements since then. Today, there are a range of teeth straightening materials and technologies available. Metal braces remain, however, the most cost effective of them. Alternatively, you can get ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners. Much of the improvement remains in the aesthetics of these braces. Those willing to pay more for their teeth straightening braces can appear less orally encumbered by dark metal.

What Do Braces Cost in Australia?

A rough guide to cost, which does not factor in your unique orthodontic requirements in terms of duration and complexity of treatment, is this. Metal braces around $6-9,000. Ceramic braces about $6,500 to $9,500. Lingual braces somewhere in the vicinity of $9,500 to $15,000. Clear aligners around $6,500 to $9,500. These figures are posited on a 15 to 18 month treatment period. So, not cheap, but this a major cosmetic and structural treatment, which will straighten your teeth for a lifetime. There are, also, cheaper options involving only the front teeth for a 6 month period but these do not address the underlying issues with jaw and bite.

Metal braces, are, according to these figures only marginally less expensive than the other types of braces mentioned. However, a saving of between $500 and a $1000 when investing this much money may tip the balance for many who may be stretching to afford the procedure in the first place. Metal braces, as a traditional dental technology have a future on this basis. Braces have long been a coming of age ritual procedure for teens and now, those adults who missed out are undergoing the process under their own volition. To possess a smile one can be proud of is a blessing for those who once covered their mouth in embarrassment. Body language is a powerful thing and the human smile leads the way in sending the right kind of messages to others. The short term inconvenience of metal braces is a small price to pay for a lifetime free of covering up your most endearing feature. We dentists like to emphasise the smile in our marketing material, as it can overcome those fears of going to dentist in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Both metal and clear braces are a great way to achieve beautifully straight teeth. Both orthodontists and dentists who provide orthodontic services are totally invested in all dental braces as effective ways to straighten your smile and look your best.


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