Probiotics and Periodontal Disease

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Probiotics And Periodontal Disease - Northern Dental Design

We know how it goes.

You meet hanging out at the same place. You get on. You’ll be together forever, so you marry. Things go well. There’s balance. Everything is managed.

And then it isn’t.

Change happens. What used to take at least 5-10 minutes in the oral department now takes less than three. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all, what with all the living that has to be lived!

Or maybe it’s depression being lived, in a not-living way. Teeth grinding stuff. Sleepless in Seattle and everywhere else. Life interrupted disrupts into punctured meecro-wah-vay dishes washed via the kitchen bin and the only dress sense smell.

There is no energy or brainpower to maintain six-monthly dental visits, let alone the professional clean you didn’t have last year.

The certainty of an L. acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei cockcrow swiftly makes way to copious cups of Moccona and something a hungry person named Jack might eat on the way to work. Comprehending anything much is getting hard; let alone realising that all that was just a fancy way of saying that the usual Greek yoghurt-based breakfast is ditched in the chaos of change. Mornings no longer provide the regular immune system boost of probiotics now that busy executives got used to working at home during the pandemic, but recently chastened, ordered back into the CBD, commuting seems twice as hard, if not quadruple. The Great Resignation they’re calling it as anti-heroes of the corporate universe tune in, drop out, and head for them tree-change hills.

Diet is one of the biggest influences of oral health. Dentists generally discuss foods to avoid; and if you don’t know what they are by now, there is neither the space or the crayons to explain. What’s useful to understand is that just as there is more chance of knowing the foods that destabilise oral health, than those that have a protective and microbiome-balancing effect.

You are what you eat, so don’t eat idiots.

Good healthy eating comes from a lifestyle that has a work/life balance, includes regular exercise, nightly quality sleep, and stress strategies that deftly pare the real from the imagined. Changing eating habits to be able to achieve all of the above is the popular mechanics of that mechanism because it truly is the very few who can have it any other way. Although successful for some, it’s an extremely challenging road for most. Fresh food is expensive. Along with utilities and transport. Having a roof over your head is costly.

Currently only sacked CEOs make millions  –  you do the math. Having to continually make compromises because of the cost of living is part of the reason gum disease has a global prevalence of up to 50%. Food loses against rents and mortgages, power bills, internet and mobile, fuel and transport. When it’s constantly re-budgeted, highly processed nutrient-deficit options take precedence because they’re cheap. Wholegrain sourdough gets elbowed out by Wonder White  –  the apparent hero of anti-heroes in the fight against artificial preservatives and sugar.

Probiotics And Periodontal Disease - Northern Dental Design

It’s. Still. White. Bread.

In the divorce between all the probiotics that come with healthful living, and the bacteria that creates gum disease, there’s no guarantee it’ll be the good bacteria dwelling your mouth.

Probiotics have been around forever. Without them, evolution would have taken a much different path.

The course of evolution had living. multicellular forms emerging from unicellular life. The latter not only predominates quantitatively, but also maintains close association with it.

The existence in nature of microbe-free animals and plants is an impossible contemplation. All living things have a symbiotic relationship with microbes: it forms a holobiont (the host and its symbionts). In mutual coexistence is everything  –  physical, chemical and genetic.

This gene pool of holobiont forms the hologenome and it’s this abundance of symbionts and gene diversity contributing to the fitness of the holobiont under varying environmental conditions. The hologenome theory of evolution respects the dynamic holobiont as a single unit for natural selection, which holds Darwin’s four postulates as true: variation, inheritance, selection and time.

As components of the evolutionary structure of natural selection, microbial affinities impart critical understanding of the importance of probiotics in the management of health and human disease.

In terms of scientific recognition, probiotics were noticed sometime in the late 1800s. It took until the 1990s to do anything significant about it.

Research spanning 2012 to 2020 studied more than 5,000 participants with gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis, caries, orthodontic conditions, halitosis, or the associated oral issues of chemo-radiotherapy. It found that oral probiotics favourably influence and benefit the oral microbiota ecosystem in terms of remedying periodontal disease, halitosis, cariology, orthodontics, and managing the swelling and irritation of mouth cancer treatments.

Various probiotic species exert their periodontal health effects differently  –   some compete for adhesion to epithelial cells, others hinder pathogen growth or biofilm formation. Currently, the majority of known periodontal health-promoting probiotics is derived from the classical probiotic genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, Streptococcus, and Weissella.

Studies in probiotic function have highlighted the need to design personalised probiotic approaches. A diverse combination of probiotic species and probiotic strains is probably one of the major directions of development in the treatment applications of probiotics: including the absolute necessity to include prebiotics in harnessing the brilliance of microbiome therapy. For much better, and more effective colonisation, probiotics must accord with an individual’s flora status.

Like Tinder, OKCupid and Bumble all merged, offering only all the swipe rights.


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