What is the process of a dental crown procedure?

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Hi, my name is Dr Zina Mahdi, and I am the Principal Dentist here at the Northern Dental Design at Epping in Melbourne.

Last week I was speaking with one of our patients, Michael from Somerton. He’s a long term patient of ours, and we were talking about a dental crown for a tooth of his that was very broken down and had chipped and fractured in a back molar. And he asked me, “So what’s the next step? What’s involved when it comes to making a dental crown?” So I thought I would make a short video and share with you what I shared with him, because this is quite a common question that we get.

A dental crown acts as a helmet to protect the underlying tooth. Dental crowns provide support to the tooth by covering the whole tooth in either porcelain or metal, for the teeth that are weak, broken, fractured, or teeth that have had root canal treatment.

At Northern Dental Design, we can design and make your crown in just one day. With the latest technology, we scan and design your tooth. We will match the shade with the opposing teeth. We then upload it to the 3D printer, where we place a ceramic block in that 3D printer. Once we are happy with the design of your teeth, we start to mould the tooth. You can have half an hour of free time where you can go downstairs and do some shopping, or simply wait in our waiting room and watch some Netflix. The choice is yours.

The milling process takes about five to ten minutes. Once the crown is finished, we will prepare the tooth to go under the furnace. This is to harden the ceramic to the final state. Once this process is finished, we ask you to come back into the chair, and we finalise the process for you.

Crowns can also be placed on front teeth if they are heavily filled or worn down. The process actually is very similar, but we will scan the tooth and then the scans will be sent to the dental laboratory, where they will use the aesthetic eye to make the crown a copy of your neighbouring tooth. You will have a temporary crown on the tooth when you leave. This will look actually exactly like the tooth you walked in with. As this procedure is more complex, we will have the crown back to you in ten to fourteen working days.

So if you have a cracked tooth, or your cavity is getting too big, and your tooth requires extra support, we would love to help. We are friendly, caring and compassionate. Why not give us a call, send us a direct message on social media, or complete the enquiry form on our website, and we will help you organise your appointment. We look forward to meeting you.


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