What are the Pros and cons of an overseas dental holiday?

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Hi, my name is Dr Zina Mahdi, and I am the Principal Dentist here at the Northern Dental Design at Epping in Melbourne.

Are you thinking of going on a holiday and wondering, if you should get your teeth fixed while you are there. As a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, I always have my friends asking me, “What I think about an overseas dental holiday.”

Well, the best part of this question is “the holiday”. Obviously, when you go overseas, you should have the freedom of being in different countries, exploring the sights and eating the best local cuisines. So, it almost seems free.

However, I have been a cosmetic dentist in Australia for over eighteen years now, and I cannot start to tell you how much overseas dental work I have fixed. Overseas dental clinics have different protocols for how they would complete the dental work. Their technique and training are also different. They have different protocols when they are practising dentistry and are totally different from the regulation we have here in Australia.

For most common issues we see are teeth have joined together. Our teeth naturally erupted individually. So for people to go overseas and come back with all the fillings joined, this will cause a bigger problem for you as we will not be able to clean under the gum and make sure it’s healthy. This can cause lots of bad problems and bugs can sit under the fillings, and causing major problems down the track.
And second is the follow ups, or the lack of… You are unable to have any follow-up appointments when you get your work done overseas. They are unable to monitor the healing process, or if the treatment is unsuccessful. Here in Australia, we offer complimentary follow-up appointments to all of our clients to make sure the teeth are healing properly and to discuss any other information.
Lastly, is the quality of the material used. We never know what material was used to fix your teeth. Is it a temporary material? The quality of the material is different in each country. And in Australia, we have the highest standards and guidelines to what materials we use.

Just remember when you think about the dental holiday overseas, the holiday section does sound like a dream. But long-term, will it be the best option for you? With the lack of communication from overseas dentists and the lack of knowledge, it may turn out that you have to redo all of the work as well. This means more financial expenses, more pain, and unfortunately, some of the work cannot be repaired.

So I suggest, go for the holiday, but leave the dental part here in Australia. Find a dentist in Australia that you can trust who will look after you. So if you have any problems, you know you will be taken care of.

If you are considering upgrading your smile, why not book a complimentary smile assessment with us here at Northern Dental Design. Simply direct message us on social media, give us a call, or go to our website and complete the enquiry form, and we will organise an appointment for you. See you in the next video.


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